Oct 13,2014
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Living in Seattle now. Thinking of you all, I hope you are well.

Sep 19,2014
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From a new suite of 4-hand piano pieces

Jan 23,2014
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A new piece, made in collaboration with the cellist Brian Sanderlin (soundcloud.com/brnsndrln).

Jan 17,2014
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Jan 6,2014
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This is everything I need today.

Nov 27,2013
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This is blowing my mind. I’m dying to get my hands on a copy!

Nov 16,2013
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Jedadiah Bernards performing his piece “Hermit Song” with Peter Broderick and Nathan Crockett.

oh my gosh… the time I had to use a lawn chair at the piano.

Oct 29,2013
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Oh Thomas… how DO you find the time?


Oct 24,2013
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Two songs I wrote for my friend Peter, in Carlton OR, 2009.

I found an old beautiful upright piano in the basement of a church there, and it made me think of him.

Oct 21,2013
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Nico Muhly’s opera, “Two Boys”, premiers tonight at 8pm EST… and they’re streaming it live, at this link! How awesome is that?!

Oct 19,2013
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Two recent concert pictures, taken by Gary Stallsworth.

Oct 2,2013
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"Carlton Song"

Music I wrote for my hometown. This is a departure from my classical work, for an upcoming songwriting project with friends.

Sep 17,2013
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Pardon me, while I try to find where my heart and jaw just dropped to.

Sep 1,2013
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This guy. This sound.

I’m honored to know a saxophonist of this caliber. We’ve been in each others company a lot this summer, through various classical events. He came to my own concert last week… and I’m DYING to work with him.

Aug 31,2013
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Updated samples of my solo piano, ambient and composition work. Many in this set are available for free download.